“As a passionate photographer I finally found a webportal where I cannot only back-up my pictures safely, but also one that allows me to organize and file them in a very efficient and clear manner. By sharing all or selected pictures with people I want to share them with, on their computers or smart phones, I can create a photo and video sharing community unlike any other web portal out there…hassle free, advertising free, private and secure. The flexibility of the portal is second to none, and I, and my entire picture community, have had only positive experiences with the instant access to any picture I take and upload.” Simon S., Switzerland

“I am so very thankful that I found this service! I always try to capture special times by taking pictures, but then I never do anything with them! Which means that unless I sit and scroll thru hundreds of pics on my phone, we never even see them again…such a bummer! With my Vilaj I can get the best pics uploaded and organized as quick as I can take the pics, and then they are there for us to so easily view anytime….ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. THIS.” Tricia P., Minnesota

“The Vilajing service is wonderful. My entire family and extended family loves being able to just get on-line to keep up with everything our family is doing, especially the kids. The fact that I can get any special day’s pictures uploaded within just 1-2 minutes is incredible. We have a memorable experience, 2 minutes later I have it all uploaded so we can easily view it again anytime, and my extended family all over the country (and world, actually!) can feel a part of our family’s daily life. Thank you to whoever came up with this – we love it.” Chloe R., Oregon

“Vilajing is so fun! I love this! My kids love this! My parents and my in-laws love this! Thank you Vilajing team for such a fun way to keep all my pictures and videos ORGANIZED, AAAANNNDD somewhere that I can see them again ANYTIME I want to! Love it!” Brielle, MI

“Hi. I am a grandpa to 8 grandchildren who are spread all over the U.S.. My wife and I wish they all lived closer, but unfortunately that is not possible due to jobs. My daughter-in-law put a link to her Vilaj on our laptop and cell phones and now anytime we click that, we get to see pictures and videos of all the fun things going on with the kids. We spend hours looking thru them and we love to be able to show the grandkids off to our friends. We don’t like facebook and our kids don’t like to post the childrens’ pictures all over there anyways, and we find this service to be much better for us.” Grandpa H., Maine

“I am a pre-K teacher and I use vilajing for my classroom. I post photos right from my phone which automatically go out to all of my parents and we all love it! The parents get to feel involved and see what their babies are doing, and I can take care of my responsibilities for communication SUPER quickly. Plus everything is archived on our classroom Vilaj so the whole school year worth of fun is there! From what I hear from parents, the kids LOVE looking at the Vilaj from home too. Thank you Vilajing for making my life a lot easier!” Mrs. K., Utah